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Mortgage Lead Machine

Find the "hidden leads" your competitors are missing

and slash per-customer costs to the bone


"Loan" and "mortgage" are the MOST expensive keywords you can buy on Google (right after "insurance"). 

One wrong move and you'll find yourself staring at a 5-figure ad bill - with nothing to show for it. 

BUT... get everything just right and Google will be your own personal "customer gumball machine"... Money goes in, customers come out. 

With The Ultimate Mortgage PPC Cheatsheet, you get the custom-tailored Google Adwords and Bing PPC advice that'll give you an edge in this cutthroat competition.

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You'll Discover:

  • The top 10 keywords EVERY mortgage pro should bid on (and a source for "secret" keywords that are hidden right under your nose)
  • 3 "fool's gold" metrics that lead most mortgage pros down the wrong path - and the 3 metrics to follow for maximum profits
  • How most mortgage pros brawl over the "obvious" keywords, driving costs up and up - PLUS how to sneak around the back and get the overlooked clicks no one else is fighting over
  • How to be a "space hog" and grab up to 4X more space on search results pages. You'll get more clicks for less - and push your competitors right out of sight
  • 3 tools that let you spy on your competitors' every move. You'll know what they're up to - and you can mine their marketing for tactical advantages you've missed

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Nikki Wood Titan Home Lending

Thank you so much, leadPops! We've had 3 leads come in this weekend... 2 warm and 1 hot! :) 

I'm so excited to have you guys on my team! I have been nothing but impressed by how professional and knowledgeable your company has been. Thanks again and have a great day!

Best investment we have made in many years. Since implementing leadPops Funnels on our website, we’ve received 106 leads.

Out of those leads, we’ve contacted 87 of them and closed 23, resulting in over $85,000 in commission checks.

Needless to say, I am very happy with the results we have received from leadPops.

Larry Alexander Great Plains Mortgage Co.

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