Client Spotlight: Enrique Braunschweiger

“I put a leadPops Funnel on ANYTHING that moves!”

Enrique Braunschweiger, President & Founder,

It can be frustrating to pump tons of time and money into your own marketing and have nothing to show for it.

Enrique Braunschweiger was very familiar with that feeling before he found leadPops.

He spent plenty of time and money on his website and Facebook Ads, but the ROI was nowhere to be found.

When Enrique discovered leadPops, all that changed.

leadPops has revolutionized the way Enrique executes his marketing. Now, call to action is second nature for him and his team.

He puts a link to a leadPops Funnel on everything he posts.

Now, Enrique has customized lead forms for every loan he offers. No more linking to a complex 1003 application to try and drum up business.

Enrique consistently gets 7 to 10 leads per day from his leadPops Funnels and Full-Service Do-it-for-Me (DIFM) Facebook Ads.

His website,, has over 20 different opportunities to enter a leadPops Funnel. Potential customers are always just a couple clicks away from easily submitting their information.

According to Enrique, leadPops is as turnkey as it gets.

Enrique has also used leadPops to strengthen his Realtor relationships.

He separates himself from the dozens of other LOs searching for referrals.

By creating co-branded or Realtor-branded funnels, Enrique has been able to provide value to his Realtor partners.

Enrique’s leadPops sweet spot? Virtually everywhere. He implements leadPops Funnels throughout his entire marketing strategy, fueling his marketing machine with our Full-Service DIFM Facebook Ads.

Enrique is an extraordinary salesman and a talented loan officer (LO).

You can be like Enrique, too.

All you need is leadPops to start generating your own leads immediately.

Everyone has their own path, but we have a myriad of clients who’ve found success similar to his.

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David Andriate, Client Marketing Manager

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  1. David Andriate says:

    – My name is Enrique Braunshweiger. I am the president and founder of First West Financial. We are actually located in Southern California in the Coachella Valley, which is the Palm Springs Palm Desert area. And then we also are a part of the Central Valley Mortgage Group up in Central California in Modesto. We work with Daniel Salsa there. So we have total of about nine or 10 loan officers, actively originating loans. Myself, I originate a big part of what we do in production here. And this is our 15 years in the business and we are independent brokers. We love being brokers and we love being independent and we love what is happening to our industry. So that’s about me.

    – How long, you know, just to start out, how long have you been with leadPops, if you can recall just kind of an estimate?

    – Well, it’s interesting. I actually was with leadPops for a while, but I wasn’t utilizing it barely at all. So I ran it for a few months and I had a few funnels running and I had received your book, “The Manifesto” a few years back from my friend, Troy Jones in Texas. And when I read it, I go, “Man, I’m doing none of these things. Like I’m doing nothing that it says in the book, I’m actually doing the opposite.” Right? So for me, the book was kind of like an eye opener. That there’s a different way and a better way of marketing myself. My focus at the time was mainly just hitting really hard, my past client database and working with realtors. I wasn’t doing a lot of direct to consumer-marketing, I wasn’t reaching out to them. But I would say that about a year and a half ago, we made the decision close to two years, we made the decision to really embrace what leadPops was doing and not only sign up for the program, but really implement it and learn how is leadPops going to help us in many different areas. So I’m one of the people that I’m basically doing pretty much everything that you guys offer, you know? I’m doing Facebook ads. I put a leadPop funnel on anything that moves. On anything that moves, right? If I put a post about something on my page and it is mortgage-related is going to have a leadPop. If I send an BombBomb email to our database, it’s gonna have a funnel in there. Call to action for me has become second nature now. And that’s a big step that people have to take. Right? I know you talk about it all the time, but maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but yeah, that’s, that’s sort of the thing that got a say in this. That we had to learn not just the tools, but use them to the best of our abilities.

    – Yeah. Well, I love that man. Call to action. You know, people ask me, “What our loan officers really missing most of the time?” It really is the most, most simple way to break that down. It’s there’s no call to action. And if there is, it’s usually apply, you know, apply for a loan. It’s social media post, or, “I just watched your BombBomb video. I’ve never really talked to you,” or, ” I found you on Google.” Not really ready to apply for a mortgage quite yet. So this is just, this leap that we’re asking people to take that’s not realistic that these big companies like the Quickens and the Zillows and the LendingTrees. They’ve all figured out that, ” Well, we can’t use a loan application, no matter how rockety and cool and automated, they make that loan app. It still doesn’t really pull in new business.”

    – Correct.

    – You know, so when you say you put a lead funnel on anything that moves, I like that. I might have to, I might have to borrow that sometime. So how do you do that? Like, what does that mean? Just for people that have, you know, might think there’s some technical, you know, hurdle you have to kind of overcome, to make that happen. Like what is that process of putting a lead funnel on something?

    – The very beginning, what I learned is that leapPops offered me the option of something that as I open the box and I sign up, I can start creating those funnels and doing clones of them, and then just create an avenue for people to give me their information. Just basic information. The product comes right out of the box already done. All you have to do is really put a logo and a phone number, right? And you can, you’re in business now. We’ve gone a little more sophisticated now because we’ve learned more. And what we do is we have a leadPop just for everything. We have one for refinance, we have one for VA, we have one for USDA, we have one for buyers, we have have one for our Shining Star Hero Programs. I think we’ve created hundreds of these things. And they’re very easy to do. cause you’re basically just cloning the information in most cases, and then just tweaking around the colors or whatever. And what we decided to do is that rather than putting just post on Facebook or Instagram and just create or sending emails or BomBoms or direct email to consumers, rather than just talking about, “Hey, this is who I am. And here’s my phone number.” We add a leadPop to everything we do. So if we’re talking about helping nurses and veterans, we have a funnel for that, where they give us their information. Surprisingly, a lot of people do. You know, they just give us their information and now we can create a meaningful conversation that will eventually get us to an application. But it’s, it’s a step that’s really important for us to take. You know, it’s like getting this call to action thing. I talk to realtors all the time about it, talk to colleagues. It’s like, I see this beautiful posts knowing how do I, where do I go? What do you want me to do with this? You know, there’s this beautiful home. There’s no address, there’s no link, nothing, you know? Just get me to somewhere where I can get in contact with you. And I think lead pops does a great job with that. That’s as the big plus for it, is that we can create just about anything, right? I mean, we can put a lead Pop on refis, purchases, VAs, anything.

    – And it really is, you know, when we’re talking about putting a leadPop on it, put a leadPop on it, right? That really is, you copy and paste the link. You know, a lot of people overthink it. They’re like, “Oh, I’m not an internet marketing wizard like you guys.” It’s just copy paste. You grab a link, you put it on there. You say, “Hey, see if I’m eligible.” See if you qualify, find out how much money you can save, calculate your savings. These are all ways to get people to click. And that’s the idea. It’s not just apply for a loan cause that’s going to scare people off. They won’t even click on the link in the first place, if that’s how you try to get them there. But borrow a page from the book of, you know, the mortgage reports, of Veterans United, really smart marketing companies who understand apply now is not a call to action, so they use these really compelling phrases that will get you to click. “Hey, it only takes 60 seconds. See if you qualify, click the link below,” you know? That kind of thing. So I see you doing that and it’s really rad to see the execution and then, you know, results are what people care about. I mean, so I would imagine that you’re doing this and you’ve continued to do it because leads are coming from it. You’re getting conversions from content that otherwise wouldn’t be happening. Is that safe to say?

    – That’s correct. Now I’ll share that with you a little bit, but I also know the big game changer for me had to do with my website. Now I am not using a leadPops website because I was already committed with a lot of money into a different website, but here’s the thing. I was able to go to my web developer. And he goes, “Of course I know leadPops.” And what he did is, he went ahead and optimized it where there’s one button on the right top corner that says Apply Now. And there are 20 opportunities for them to give us their information with a leadPop. So every where you go on my website now is purchase and refi button, purchase and refi button. And what we found is that we had a ton of traffic going into our website before, ton of traffic. Google’s telling me, “Congratulations, tons of people are visiting your website.” Nothing. Now it’s like the leadPops are coming in because they go, they click on it. It’s a simple funnel, seven, eight questions. Boom. Now we have leads, right? So that was a big changer for me with the website. Most loan officers think of their website almost as something you gotta have, you know, you check box. That’s it. We, for us as a source of revenue, because people go in, they see we’re story-branded, and then we give them the option to give us their information in a much easier way. So having said that, we are partner up with you guys to run also Facebook ads. And that’s where a lot of our success is coming from. We’re running Facebook ads and know you are always tweaking them, right? Sometimes it’s more purchase refinance. We’re committed to do that. For the money, what you guys are doing for us is phenomenal. And then we are also partnered with, which my goodness, I mean, it’s, it’s like connect that is almost like seamless for us. And that’s where we’re seeing the big results. You know, I’ve tried, I don’t want to say any names, but I tried everybody out there doing Facebook ads. And when somebody said, “Well, maybe we gotta try leadPop.” “Man, we tried everything. Nothing’s worked for us.” I mean, you get the leads, but that’s it, you know? And here it’s like, is the quality better? I don’t know. We have more conversion. You know, we’re closing three to four a month right now, maybe, maybe more. Four. We’re actually having meaningful conversations with people. We’re actually engaging with them, we have appointments now. Big part of it is you guys, big part of it is You know, they do a great job. You know these guys. You know, it’s money for us. The combination’s lethal there.

    – Yeah. I think it’s a fantastic match. You know, that was for us a struggle. We’re doing the lead and doing our job. And we’re just finding our clients. Oftentimes we’re not even calling the leads sometimes. We’re waiting a couple hours or they’re in an appointment. You guys are busy and it’s not the same game when you generate a lead off of , you know, Facebook ads, for example, or any internet lead. It’s not the same as a referral from a realtor. So a lot of clients would come to us from a world where, “Hey, I do realtor referrals. You know, I get one or two referrals. I close one. It’s like a high close rate. I don’t got to call them much. It’s it’s pretty easy.” But internet leads are, there’s a dance. You gotta work at it, you gotta call them multiple times, you gotta text, you gotta know what to say. And it was difficult for loan officers to do that correctly and to stay excited about it when they were not successful with that followup process. So, shout out to those guys, that team has been amazing for our clients. It’s just like we feed that machine the leads, they do the followup, they do the appointment setting and you know, you guys, your job is just to close the deal and talk to the client and build the relationship. Like we try to tee it up to the point where it’s just really a smooth handoff. The lead has been labeled qualified and you take it to the finish line. Really that’s the goal.

    – No doubt about it. Absolutely. Absolutely.

    – Awesome. So a lot of good stuff here Enrique. I appreciate you sharing this with everybody. Now we talk a little bit about realtors yet for us, that’s such a big part of this whole equation. I haven’t talked to you much about that specifically because we’d like to really train our clients and teach them that, “Hey, referrals, realtors, word of mouth, internet leads, marketing, generating your own leads, consumer direct. Do not compartmentalize. Don’t think of these things, as completely different parts of your business. If you play your cards right, these things strengthen each other very much.” You find you’re generating leads consumer direct. If you approach it correctly, you have many opportunities now because these leads are telling you right on the lead form, at least on the purchase side of things, I’m not working with a realtor. So introductions and opportunities to introduce leads to your real estate agents are happening pretty regularly. Some of our clients that really go that route say that’s their favorite part of this whole thing is that they’re able to strengthen their realtor referrals and get more referrals, better loyalty from their agents from that, or have you played that card?

    – So that’s the name of the game. But another thing that I’m doing with realtors that I really like is the ability to be able to create a funnel for them, with their information, with their, you know. So we have the looking for a home or the first-time buyer guide that we have. And we create those for them, with their information. Most of those realtors, a lot of them are not gonna make the investment. They don’t have the time. So it’s, “Hey, look, I created this for you. Put it on all your stuff.” And they do that. And of course we get the lead, they get the lead as well. But that’s another advantage is that is not restrictive. You know, I can create a funnel and rather than putting my picture and my logo, I can put theirs, you know, and market for them and help them market as well. So that’s another thing that we’re doing for them. They really like the idea of having that because they know it costs a lot of money to hire a company, to build funnels for your landing pages. We do it in minutes and minutes for them. So it works great.

    – Awesome. Awesome.

    – We gotta do more of that though. I just, by talking, I just realized I’m not utilizing this enough. I need to go after it a little more on this.

    – Yeah. And maybe offline, we’ll talk about some kind of pre-made templates we’ve created to kind of reach out to agents, how to get them excited about it if it’s a new agent you’ve never talked to, and then also some different ways of kind of plugging those lead funnels. Like where can we plug them in? Like we have some pre-made posts that you can give to the agent to say, “Hey, here’s the post. Put this on your Facebook.” Especially if they’ve got some engagement It’s pre-written that talks about how you don’t need 20% down to see if you’re eligible. Really strong posts that we’ve seen agents just copy and paste right in. They get excited about, especially the ones obviously that have some good engagement on their Facebook that can have an impact. One of our clients shared that he provided the post to the agent over the weekend. Over the weekend, the agent generated 17 long form leads from just one copy pasted post and agent was like, “Are you kidding me?”

    – They love it. Where else can I put that lead funnel? And that’s my favorite question cause it’s like,

    – Exactly.

    – you can put it in a lot of different places. I just wanted to give you a taste of it. But once they get that taste and they get excited and they see it can produce, then they’re like, “Where else can I stick this thing? I can put a link in my drip emails. I can put it in my blog content a lot of different ways.”

    – You know, I even did a TV ad. I’m running a TV ad that actually has a website that is linked to a leadPop that eventually comes back. Rather than an application, it goes to a leadPop. You know?

    – Okay. Domain name directly to the leadPop?

    – Correct.

    – Beautiful.

    – Yeah. We put it everywhere. The truth is that the product as it is, is phenomenal. I mean, it is probably as turnkey as anything out there where you can sign up, you can get your password and within an hour or two or less, you’re putting funnels on to all your posts, you know? I know we went back to even older posts and put funnels at some point because we were still getting traction on them and no call to action. So that’s important to us. But you guys do a great job. Another thing that you guys do really well, that I appreciate is you guys are running the Facebook ads for me. And I know Facebook is constantly changing that algorithm, changing the rules. Like a few weeks ago, I go, “Oh, wait a minute. We haven’t gotten any leads in the last day and a half. I mean, if we’re not getting seven, eight, 10 leads a day something is wrong right? Something’s wrong. Somebody turned off the internet cause I haven’t gotten seven leads today.” So we went, reached out to you guys and you guys looked at, it goes, “Oh, I see that.” You know, “I see the issue,” and within an hour or two, boom. It’s like somebody opens the faucet again. We don’t have time to do this. You guys do a great job at keeping up and you know, creating the ads and optimizing them and you know. Great.

    – Really cool man. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time today. Enrique, it’s been awesome. Your energy, just you as a user and as a client, we’re blessed to have you. So thank you so much.

    – Absolutely.

    – Any last words or anything like that?

    – No, that’s him and sign up. If you’re not signed up, sign up. And if you, if you are signed up, start using it, implemented it. Believe me, it works. I have a recorder of where I put all my, I mean, we’re talking every two to three hours. I’m getting people interested that are giving me all their information. We’re talking everything. You know, phone numbers, emails. They’re telling me how much they wanna buy a house for, who their agent is. I mean, it’s really rich information and people do give us that information because it’s presented well and properly. So we love that. Thank you for what you guys do and we’ll keep going.

    – Awesome, brother. You rock. Thank you so much.

    – You got it.

  2. Jackson says:

    His enthusiasm is infectious. Great proof lead generation can be fun…with the right tools. Who doesn’t love consistent leads being funneled through your well-oiled marketing machine?

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