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Switching from another service?

We can help you move your data over quickly so you don’t miss a step.

Onboarding Services

We’ll move your data and contacts into Email Fire™ to set you up for success right out of the gate.

Design Services

Our team can help you create everything from custom branded templates to entire ready-to-send campaigns.

Automation Services

We’ll help you set up automated workflows that match your business goals so you can see results quick.

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Should I sign up for Email Fire™?

If you want to hit your goals quick, then it’s definitely yes. While Email Fire™ is easy enough to use that you could figure it out on your own, successful email marketing is about much more than customizing a template and firing off an email. That’s why you get unlimited support from our in-house marketing coaches who are dedicated to getting you the results you’re looking for from your email marketing campaigns.

Do I have to pay for a full year up front?

It’s up to you. You can pay for the full year or pay on a month to month basis. Our team has found that clients who pay for a full year up front usually make the best use of all the features and services that Email Fire™ has to offer. That means they get better results… and we’re huge fans of anything that helps our clients maximize their results.

What kind of support will I get from leadPops™

Our awesome support team is here Monday to Friday from 7 a.m.–5 p.m. (PST). Our customers in the mortgage, real estate, and insurance industries are consistently blown away by the level of personal support and service provided by our team of experienced marketing coaches. You won’t find this kind of quality of support anywhere else.

What’s included in a free trial?

A free trial gives you full access to Email Fire’s™ software, bundled with leadPops™ Funnels lead generation tools, for 30 days. Our free trial offer is designed to give you the full Email Fire™ & Funnels experience, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you become a customer.